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Should I leave out milk for hedgehogs?

No! Despite the common perception of hedgehogs enjoying a saucer of milk, it is extremely bad for them - dairy can kill hedgehogs. It is much better to provide them with tinned pet food - they need to bulk up for hibernation and they need to be in good condition to raise healthy babies.

When do hedgehogs hibernate?

Generally, they will hibernate between November and April in order to avoid the cold winter months. A hedgehog habitat positioned in a suitable spot in your garden could prove the perfect safe-haven for them to see out the winter.

Are hedgehog habitats expensive?

As this web site demonstrates, there's not much point in scrimping and saving when it comes to purchasing a hedgehog home - a cheap model is likely to provide insufficient protection, shelter and warmth. To buy a solid, secure habitat you will need to spend between £25 and £50 - for this outlay you will soon be attracting countless grateful hedgehogs into your garden, and helping to protect this endangered species.

How can I encourage hedgehogs into the habitat?

Simply placing a hedgehog home in your garden won't necessarily entice the spiky ones in. Ensure it is positioned in a quiet spot amongst plenty of cover as this will enable it to blend in with its surroundings, making it a more attractive place for hedgehogs to live. Place some leaves inside, and also perhaps some food (see above), and hopefully your garden will soon have a new inhabitant.

Will hedgehogs eventually die out?

It's a scary question, but one that has to be asked. There's no definitive answer, but hedgehogs are believed to be dying out at a rate of roughly a fifth of their population every four years. On this basis, they could actually be gone within the next 15 - 20 years. This is an alarming statistic and something to keep at the forefront of your mind when weighing up the purchase of a hedgehog habitat - you really could be helping to prevent this worrying trend from continuing!

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1. A hedgehog habitat is affordable and easy to install in the garden.

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